DUI, which is also known as Driving Under the influence, is an offense or crime of driving, controlling, or operating a vehicle while influenced by alcohol or drugs, to a state that the drivers are incapable of driving the motor vehicle safely. It is one of the most important rules and regulations that drivers should follow to avoid charges. To ensure that this law is strictly followed by drivers, the police officers are conducting checkpoints in almost all places, especially during night time. However, many drivers have questions and confusions about this rule. One of their queries is if the police can give them a DUI even though they are on their driveways. Well, if you want to get answers to your questions, keeping in touch with this article is the best thing to do. 

As drivers, there are cases that we may involve in crimes and charges with the rules, regulations, and laws on the road. The most famous law that is charged to the drivers is the DUI. But the question is, do we have any idea where to get the best lawyer to process everything, especially when we have charges that are not justifiable? If none, then you should not worry anymore since Fort Myers DUI lawyers is beyond ready to give a hand to us. The company has excellent and exemplary lawyers that will provide services like no other!  

Let us talk about the question, Can the police give me a DUI if I`m in my driveway? Well, the answer is probably yes. Driving under the influence or the DUI is not only applicable to roads but also in the parking lots, driveways, and private roads. The state does not support the idea of not charging you with the offense because you are on your property, and you are in the act of driving your vehicle. There are also instances that you can be charged with DUI even though you are parking as long as your vehicle is starting and the keys are on.  

Furthermore, we have this thing called actual physical control, which is related to DUI. What is actual physical control? It will be a ground for charges if you are in your driveways and under the influence of alcohol or drugs and cannot drive your vehicles. The actual physical control includes the following: 

The location of your vehicles during the time of the arrest. 

When you are in the vehicle, especially in the driver’s seat. 

If the vehicle is starting or the keys are in the ignition. 

An indication that you have bodily influence over your vehicle. 

Furthermore, if you come to the point of difficulties in defending yourself against DUI charges, hiring an efficient lawyer is the best thing to do. To ensure that you are in good hands, hiring lawyers from our company is the wisest decision you should make. Our lawyers are experts in different laws in the state and will make sure that everything is easy and convenient for you. Apart from that, they are easy to contact. You can visit our website or send us messages for more details!