As you shop for shoes, you need to think way beyond fashion. You also have to think about its purpose and keeping your feet in great condition. Such tips can help you to select the best shoes for you.  

Wear a similar kind of socks to the shop that you are planning to wear with your chosen shoes.  

Assess the soles whether they are durable enough to give you protection from sharp objects, or if they give any cushioning feel to your feet. Consider how they feel as well while walking around the shoe store. Also, make sure to try walking on carpets and hard surfaces to determine how the shoe will feel on both.  

Feel what’s inside the shoes to know if they have any seams, tags, or some things that can possibly cause irritation to your feet.  

Walk-in and around with the shoes to know how they feel. Is there sufficient room at the balls of the feet? Do the heels slip off or pinch, or do they fit snuggly? Refrain from thinking that shoes one has to be broken. Look for shoes that fit from the beginning.  

Stand in the shoes. Then, gently press above the shoe to guarantee you get at least half an inch of space between at the end of the shoe to your longest toe. This gives sufficient room to press forward while walking. You can also try wiggling your toes to guarantee that there is sufficient room.  

Take note of the shoes’ length and width. When the ball of your foot seems to be crushed in a specific shoe, try to ask the salesperson if it has a wider size. Choosing shoes that are half-size bigger—but not any wider—will not necessarily resolve this issue. 

Ask a salesperson to measure both of your feet and make sure to have your feet measured every time you purchase a new pair of shoes. Feet vary with age—it either grows wider and larger. When one foot is bigger than the other, you should consider buying a size that will fit the larger foot.  

Trust to your personal level of comfort instead of basing everything on the description or shoe size. Sizes may differ from one manufacturer to another. And regardless of how it’s is claimed to be very comfy to wear in advertisements, the real judge is yourself.  

Take your own foot tracing with you. Put any show that you are planning to purchase on top of the tracing. When the shoe is shorter or narrower than the tracer, you can skip trying it on and look for a new size to buy. 

The ideal time to buy shoes would be in the afternoon since your foot expands naturally throughout the day,  

If you’ve tried all of these tips and you can’t still get a shoe that perfectly matches your size, you can always have a customized shoe made up just for you. If interested, contact the best cordonnier Montreal today.