When you are opting to have a real Christmas tree this year, regardless if it is your first time or nth time doing this, it is vital to know how to properly take care and maintain your trees by attending to its needs to stay vibrant and healthy in your property all over the holiday season. Below are a few beneficial tips to effectively take care of your actual Christmas tree this incoming holiday season: 

Choose a healthy tree 

The greatest means of making sure that you are having a healthy tree is to go to the Christmas tree farm near you where you could cut down your own tree. If you pick a pre-cut tree, you cannot be sure how long was the tree removed from the ground. This means that there’s a greater possibility that the tree will be in its decomposing stages already. As much as possible, refrain from choosing trees that have a lot of dead needles or browning since this is an indication that the tree’s way past its prime, 

Select an ideal and safe place to put your trees on 

Look for an area in your property that is not crowded with decorative items or furniture to install your tree. When you will be utilizing string lights in decorating the tree, make sure that there won’t be a fire or spark risk. Your home’s first-floor room corner is usually the perfect spot to put your tree because it will be safe from knocks and bumps.  

Get the base of the tree ready 

Once you get back home after you picked out your new and actual Christmas tree, make sure to prep its base by trimming off the bottom ½ to 1 inch of wood using a small handsaw to help water absorption. Install the tree within 8 hours after you’ve cut the base. You can buy a cradle or a tree stand from the hardware store near you that offers a watering area for your tree. Make sure that the tree is straightly erected up and allow it to settle for a couple of hours before you start incorporating some decorations since it will require some time to get back into shape. 

Keep on feeding your tree 

As soon as your tree is already placed in its stand, it’ll require a lot of water to compensate for the time between its travel time and its installation in the ground without hydration. A newly-cut Christmas tree might drink up approximately one gallon of water during the first day as soon as it’s placed in your property. Always make sure that the base of the tree is filled with water to make your tree healthy and moist. This also means that there is a lesser chance that burning or combustion will happen. 

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